Estate fencing is used to mark boundaries in rural environments including parkland, country parks, deer parks, country houses, golf courses and rural walkways. As a homeowner, landowner, or business owner, you’ll naturally want to increase the value of your house, whether it’s to protect it or keep it looking beautiful. Metal Estate Fencing is a common option because of the numerous advantages it offers.

Versatility & Benefits

The reliability and durability of Metal Estate Fencing is one of the most common reasons for its purchase. Designed with longevity and superior strength in mind, the tubular design is an improvement on traditional fence as the flat bars could easily be bent and twisted. While timber fences are sturdy, they can grow wood rot or be infested with termites if not properly handled, compromising the structure’s integrity. Metal fencing, on the other hand, is designed to last.

Metal railings provide much more than a visual barrier. A steel perimeter provides protection while still appearing elegant and durable. They provide incredible strength and height to a boundary, making it extremely difficult for opportunistic burglars or trespassers to climb over and gain entry. formidable border, maximising protection for your home, assets, and family.

Many property owners purchase Metal Estate Fencing because of the value it affords. You don’t have to spend a fortune to protect your property with stylish metal railings and gates. Each product is designed to guarantee high levels of strength, rigidity and durability; with an affordable price tag!

Who says you have to sacrifice style to get grade A security? Opting for Metal Fencing is popular due to the aesthetic value it provides.

A sleek, timeless appearance with a superior strength design look that can boost the value of your property and uplift your home, land or business.


Metal Fencing is a great option for those looking for an ‘easy to install’ and ‘easy to maintain’ fencing solution, with just a few tools needed. They can be fitted to brickwork, timber and metal posts, requiring very little on-going maintenance.


The railings are galvanised for corrosion and weather resistance, and they can also be powder coated in a variety of RAL colours. Powder coating gives the railings a sleek and timeless appearance, which is a traditional finish, while each product is designed to guarantee high levels of strength, rigidity, and durability.