Commerical gates (sliding and swing) for external installation designed to provide secure access to specific areas and can be linked with access control systems. Widely used in above and under ground car parks, commerical, industrial and residential premises. If security is one of the reasons for installing fencing then it is important to ensure that the gates’ design and specification provides the same level of security as the fencing. While the size will depend on the type of access required it is best practice to keep the access points as small in size and number as reasonably possible to avoid compromising security. Whatever type of gate or access is used, care must be taken to ensure that it is not vulnerable in comparison with the remainder of the perimeter security.

Versatility & Benefits

Security gates not only make it harder for criminals to enter your commercial premises, they also act as a deterrent. Not many thieves will want to go through the trouble of getting past your security gates let alone accessing the property afterwards. With electric security gates that open automatically to authorised personnel only, you will save an untold amount of money.

Even if you require the assistance of a security guard, additional features like an intercom and camera can afford greater control and ensure all parties remain protected. No matter whether you are protecting an office block or industrial property, the presence of security gates will safeguard any valuable inventory and remove the possibility of having to replace assets in the event of a robbery.

Along with the possibility of making your property or premises appear impenetrable, you can also improve its aesthetic in order to impress onlookers and customers. Electric gates with ornate features or detailed styling can make your business appear much more impressive. Although you can’t always avoid instances of human error, electric security gates can be locked automatically if a member of staff forgets to do so after leaving. This convenience means you don’t need to get out of your car to open electric gates either.

If you choose Premier Fencing to install security gates for your business, you can ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements.


Whenever a perimeter fence is installed there needs to be at least one access point for vehicles and/or pedestrians.

We can supply and install Hinged and sliding gates, both manually operated and powered to match the style and design of the fencing, ornate gates featuring traditional or contemporary design elements can also be provided also with the security factor in mind.

We also supply and install swing and lifting barriers also manually operated or powered.

With all these gate options we can offer automation and access control. There are many different systems available but depending on the technology employed, the level of control can vary enormously.


A simple yet effective form of maintenance, be sure to give your gate a proper clean once every year, while performing minor cleaning here and there when necessary.