Stock fencing can be both normalised wooden fencing or is manufactured from thick galvanised steel wires with larger mesh apertures for use a perimeter and boundary fences for livestock and small holding animal control. Galvanised stock fencing is available in a number of grades and roll sizes to suit different animals and applications. Galvanised Farm fencing is available to fence off areas for pigs, lambs, dogs, goats, cattle and deer.

It’s strong durability makes it the ideal fencing solution to keep your land and animals safe.

Versatility & Benefits

A wire fencing is built with substantially less efforts than when using other materials like bricks for example. It should also take less time, as you simply need to buy your fence and attach it to a frame or posts. There is no need for huge construction plans, therefore easily installed.

Another one of the main advantages of having a wire fencing is that it can be considerably less costly than building a concrete wall, or even using other materials like glass or PVC.

Wire fences have another edge over most materials: visibility.  You’ll still be able to have an excellent view of what happens outside your property, while still having a solid and distinctive border. If you have pets or children playing in the yard, you would want to have an eye on the outside as well so as to be sure of the activities going on around.

To top it off, while having a good visibility of the outside world, your fencing can still be customised! Different colours can be applied to the the wire mesh, giving you a discrete yet elegant way of personalising your property.


Galvanised stock fencing is manufactured from heavy gauge steel wires and is easy to install between timber fencing posts. The wire mesh should be fixed using galvanised staples / U Nails, and supported at the top by a 12 gauge or heavy galvanised tensioning line wire. To stop cattle and other livestock pushing down onto the top of the fencing, one or two lengths of barbed wire is normally installed above the fencing. Field fencing wire mesh is a cost-effective, long term fence system ideal for agricultural, rural and farm applications.


Good quality stock fencing will last several dozen years. If it is galvanized and well installed, it can stay in good shape for up to 50 years. In order to keep it in good condition, you should clear your stock fencing twice a year of any weeds or growing vegetation that may bend or snap the wire. Keep an eye on your fence posts and make sure they are treated from the elements. Lastly, make sure your wires are stretched properly.