Steel railings have become a very popular style of fence for residential and commercial uses, providing perimeter security whilst also being low maintenance. The benefit of using steel railing is that as steel is very versatile, there is a huge selection available to suit your application. It also adds a level of security while adding a decorative feature.

All of our standard railings come complete with tamper-proof fittings and a range of matching gates to suit.

Versatility & Benefits

The advantages of using steel railings are that they are inherently strong and offering a robust line of defence, metal railings combine aesthetic charm with the ability to deliver an imposing perimeter security solution. We can supply and install or supply only steel railings, with an extensive choice of products available, spanning attractive elegantly ornate railings ideal for residential applications, through to railings which meet the discerning standards required to minimise the risk of unauthorised entry on high security sites.

Steel is one of the most popular materials for its extreme strength. It’s tougher than aluminium, wears better, and isn’t prone to dents. 

It’s an affordable, durable option that lacks rust-resistance. It sometimes requires coating touch-ups and is vulnerable to signs of wear. Carbon steel is strong and has a unique black sheen that works well in some developments. Carbon steel can be coated to prevent rust. High carbon steel is harder than blue steel, but the latter is more rust resistant. Stainless steel rarely cracks, but in areas that endure frequent storms, it is possible after heavy use.


Metal railing systems are available in a several materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Common steel railing systems are fabricated from standard steel pipe or tube shapes. Stainless steel railings often integrate glass panels with custom newel post and handrails.


Stainless steel railings have a higher upfront cost than some metals but provide superior long term value for money due to their strength and immunity to corrosion. If you want to value a low-maintenance solution, the highest grade stainless steel will serve you well.