Premier Fencing’s timber buildings are made-to-order so can be supplied in standard sizes or designed and built to suit your needs. They are supplied in sections for ease of installation.

We also provide a supply and installation service.

Please get in touch with our estimators to discuss any of the above projects further.

Versatility & Benefits

Garden sheds are versatile and suit most outdoors spaces. They can be used to store and protect garden equipment and tools as potting shed to grow plants, or as an outdoor hobby shack. It can also act as a handy alternative to a garage, for storing old garden furniture, lawnmowers and bikes.

It has no verandas, balconies or any kind of raised platform as part of its basic construction. It has an occupied volume of no more than 15m squared. If you build a shed within two metres of your property boundary it can only be up to 2.5 metres high.


Timber is a living product and given enough time it will degrade. To get the best possible life span from the product it is recommend that the timber is treated every 2 – 3 years. This is best undertaken with a solvent based treatment during the summer months, so that it can soak into the dry wood.