Mesh fencing systems provide a more secure type of fencing in a variety of designs and a choice of finishes. Different mesh aperture sizes and wire diameters are available to suit the security and aesthetic requirements, and profiled panels benefit from higher rigidity. Mesh panel fencing is normally galvanised to provide a long-lasting finish, and polyester powder coating can be used on top of the galvanising to add colour. As well as a range of standard RAL colours, mesh panels and posts can also be finished in the architect’s choice of colour.

Welded mesh panels take much longer to cut through than most alternatives and can be significantly harder to scale due to the lack of handholds and footholds presented by the small mesh sizes. Although the top of the weldmesh panel can provide only limited anti-climb features (a short vertical wire), toppings can be mounted on the supporting posts to increase security. High-security mesh panel fencing usually offers the highest level of security, especially if used in conjunction with complementary security measures.

Versatility & Benefits

Mesh Fencing is a well proven popular and versatile choice of boundary marker or permanent secure fixture offering benefits where both aesthetically and clear visibility are required to monitor perimeters. It’s highly suitable for School Fencing, Sports Ground Mesh Fencing, Low to High Security Mesh Fencing and Construction Site security fencing requirements.

Using this type of fencing to create a boundary line around a property, indicates and makes the statement that the land is not public usage. This type of fencing can also be used as outlines to create a boundary without minimalising vision and light. 

Specifically designed to delay intrusion for as long as possible to allow intervention. This type of fencing is suited to properties where vulnerable individuals may be housed and the need for their safety is a high priority.

In majority of cases Mesh Fencing works as a deterrent to trespassers indicating that entrance to the property is intended at the proper access point and only by authorised individuals. As a well known fact that Mesh is a difficult type of fence to cut through in order to gain access, it works as a deterrent to thieves and opportunists.


There is a wide range of mesh panel systems to suit all types of perimeter security applications including highways, airports, sports, and leisure and play areas. Whether high level or low-level security is required, mesh fencing offers a system with a high degree of resistance to impact and vandalism.

Mesh fencing is a great and visually appealing solution to perimeter fencing that provides a boundary safety and security to a number of different establishments and facilities.

It’s the ideal choice for locations requiring medium to high level security, prone to vandalism or forced entry, or where clear visibility may be require to monitor the surroundings (such as in a playground or school). As one of the most cost-effective Fencing products available, it’s ideal for many demarcation applications. In general most mesh systems come as a rigid panel system with integrated profiled-beams, supplied complete with all the necessary components.

The strongest and most secure construction technique is to attach the mesh fencing to a frame of wood posts and rails. The weakest (and easiest) technique is to attach the fencing to metal posts. A reasonable middle ground for many purposes is to use wood posts for all terminal posts (corners, ends, and gates) and metal for the intermediate or line posts.


Apart from the odd cleaning around the Mesh, you should need to do little to no maintenance on Mesh panel fencing. Here at Premier Fencing we do advise to do weeding once or twice a year depending on location and installation.