Steel palisade fencing is widely used throughout the commercial sector, a formidable barrier; and is manufactured from hot-formed and cold-rolled substantial steel sections. These sections offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span. Different thicknesses and profiles are available, and polyester powder coatings on top of galvanising can provide an attractive, long-lasting finish. Palisade is available with the ends of the pales formed into a variety of shapes, from round-topped to a single point or splayed multi-point forms.

Palisade is made with two distinct alternative pale profiles and is available with a wide range of paling head options. Base plated posts which are suitable to go on concrete yards/ concrete walls, please discuss this at the time of price enquiry. Palisade is available in a wide range of specifications, please specify your requirements when placing an enquiry, protection for differing levels of risk, starting from low risk to high-risk purposes through to our enhanced specifications using a thicker pale profile. Our estimators are happy to discuss and assist with providing a precise specification to meet every customer’s requirements. Safety must be the top consideration when specifying a Palisade security fence, the use of triple point Palisade fencing at heights below 1.8m is not recommended, alternative Palisade fencing styles should be used below this height.

A palisade, sometimes called a stakewall or a paling, is typically a fence or defensive wall made from iron or wooden stakes, or tree trunks, and used as a defensive structure or enclosure. Palisades can form a stockade.

Palisade gates can be used with palisade fencing or other types of fencing or walling to secure access points. Palisade Gates can be supplied to match our Palisade Fencing in whatever width and height you require.

Versatility & Benefits

The materials used for making palisade fences have to be those that are approved by the relevant authorities. Hence, you can be sure that the materials used for installing your fence are of very high quality. If it’s properly finished off, it will stay longer and stronger than you expect it to. They can either be epoxy coated or galvanized. Either way, you’ll end up with a very durable type of fencing. These fences can also be protected from rusting. In general, palisade fencing usually has very long lifespans making them highly durable.

Palisade fencing has a wire mesh pattern that is very distinct from other types of fencing so security personnel can easily spot intruders from a distance. This makes it hard for trespassers to get close enough to the perimeter to conduct surveillance or plan attacks. The openings in between the posts are also just large enough to keep smaller animals from entering a facility, ensuring a higher level of security against pests as well.

These benefits can be enjoyed by businesses for several years before any major renovations become necessary, even if the gates require relatively little maintenance compared to other types of fences. Their durable construction means the posts will not warp over time and the wires will not rust or break. This can reduce the need for expensive repairs, giving your business one less thing to worry about. The high level of security provided by this fencing solution further protects potentially sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.


All of our palisade gates can be powder-coated to suit your company colours or to blend in with the surroundings. Standard colours are BLACK (RAL 9005) and GREEN (RAL 6005).


Apart from checking for loose screws and bolts, there’s not much that goes into the maintenance of the palisade fencing. In contrast, other fencing options like boundary walls will require a great deal of maintenance as they’ll often develop cracks. Regular maintenance for such kind of walls is very necessary which makes them difficult to manage.